Artist Bio

Maria was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria one of the oldest cities in the world and European Capital of Culture known as the ‘city of artists’. There she studied Art for 5 years at the only one of its type on the Balkans the National High School of Stage and Film design. She learned different skills of fine and applied arts like painting, prints, sculpture, ceramics; make-up and wigs which helped her to develop her creativity side. She participated in many exhibitions in Bulgaria and she won First place in The National Art Competition The Water Source of Life. 

After graduating in Bulgaria, Maria then moved to London where she studied Graphic and Digital Design at the University of Greenwich and graduated in 2019.  Since graduating, she has returned to the medium of painting, as painting is where her passion lies. In 2020, during Covid quarantine Maria "discovered" art of Bob Ross and his Wet on Wet style. Since then she can't stop painting landscapes. She loves showing through her art the power and the beauty of Nature. She works primary in oil on stretched canvas. She believes that art is compulsory in our lives no matter our age and interests. She also participated in many virtual exhibitions like “Restart the Planet”, “Locked up”, "Rebel Rebel"